Collaborative Story
Belinda ran through the dark dank forest with the heavy breathing and pounding feet thundering after her. the wet trees dripped on her head and she screamed. panting, she turned down a path no one had been down before -the retreat of doom.
the monster screamed in anger because he couldn't chew her without any teeth.
"Man I wish I had my false teeth in" sighed the monster. He decided there was no point in chasing someone he couldn't chew, no matter how delicious she looked. He stopped running and turned towards his monster home.
Ms Neville
when he got home he told his mum that he given up chasing
But whatever would he do, this creature of angst, torn and tempted to chase young maidens forever? If only those teeth weren't so worn? He couldn't restrain himself any longer. He broke from the intuitive gaze of mother monster and sneakily inched his way out of the living cave - ever so quietly into the sleeping cave where he knew he could feel for the cold plastic of the phone and put a last chance call through to the dentist...Belinda would keep.
the dentist apointment was sheduled for next tuesday. it was long and hard but in the end theywere as good as new and the monster went to hunt down belinda for once and for all.