Spelling in Parts (SIP)

The teacher models examples first and provides
other demonstrations as required. The children do
the following:

1. They say and clap the word in syllables.

2. They divide the word into syllables as they
pronounce each syllable. (The teacher may check
that it is a reasonable division without teaching
syllabication rules. The legal division for bucket
would be buck-et; buc-ket is acceptable but not

3. They say a syllable and then spell it, say a syllable
and then spell it. (The teacher checks that
students are saying each phoneme within the
syllable as they have marked them.)

4. They circle syllables with difficult spelling

5. They study circled syllables and may think of a
mnemonic or analogy to recall the spelling
pattern (e.g., the mnemonic to-get-her may
require child to divide the word differently to
recall the syllables; recall spelling of the first
syllable in frighten by associating it with light—
I was frightened by the light).

6. They cover, say a syllable, and then write the
syllable; they say a syllable and then write the

7. They check and repeat if necessary.