Year 1 & 2 ICT Intensive:

The year 1 and 2 students and their teachers used the Combination Key to work in pairs and create a new animal. We drew their animals on the computer and then animated them using the motion path feature in Powerpoint. Finally we recorded the sounds our animals made. Sue put all our crazy animals together in one wild epic animation!


Year 7 & 8 ICT Intensive:

This week all fifteen year 7 and 8 students and their teachers gathered at MGS
for two days intensive Thinking and ICT work. We worked in pairs and used the
Combination Thinker's Key to stimulate thinking. Then we recorded our ideas and
swapped audio tracks with another pair. We made images to accompany the audio
track we recieved, using various combinations of Artrage, Paint, Flash, Windows
Moviemaker, Powerpoint, Audacity.

Student reflection about the intensive:
Teachers reflection about the intenstive:

Renee and Taylor
Savannah and Lotte

Ishta and Sacha

Kahu and Emma

Junior ICT Intensive