Where Does This Toy Come From?
Where does this toy come from? was the title of Mulberry Grove School's term 3 Inquiry unit. It had a Social Studies, Visual Language and Technology focus. At MGS we have developed and are currently trialling an Inquiry model that uses Harpaz and Lefstein's Fertile Question as a basis. This 'big'question provides guidance for the immersion phase and inspires 'smaller' research questions that individuals and groups explore as the unit progresses.

During the immersion phase we:
Did lots of reading and wondering and asking questions;
Designed and made toys (with the seniors taking theirs for market testing at the Playcentre);
Designed and made print adverts for our toys;
Made timelines of our favourite toys at different ages;
Had visitors come and speak to us;

Looked at the toys in Bruegel's painting Children's Games;
Had a teddy bear's picnic;
Brought our toys to school and made a toy museum;
Learnt about toy factory conditions in China;

During the Inquiry Phase we:
Investigated a variety of smaller research questions as individuals and groups. Here are some of the Inquiry products made to communicate new understanding:

This video was made by year 4 students wanting to know "What are our favourite toys?"

This powerpoint was made by year 3 students deciding whether or not they wanted to work in a toy factory in China.

Immersion phase planning 'shell'
Staff reflection on the unit
MGS inquiry model
More info about Harpaz and Lefstein's Fertile Question