Hi all,

I wanted to come in here, to say a big thank you to everyone I met when I visited. You all made me feel very welcome and I enjoyed this trip so much, it will leave a lasting impression on me. So far, this is my pictorial representation of my time there. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all, the chats, the kids, the teaching, the looking, the listening and the learning.

This space will definitely enable you to 'talk' with each other about:
  • Clarifying vision and goals for the 21st Century learners on the island
  • Imagining, developing and constructing your own school curriculum
  • Discovering ways in which technology can help inspire, motivate, engage, extend, enhance teaching and learning opportunities
  • Your own significant stories of change during your time on the ICT PD contract

I hope it ok that I share/leave things in your cluster wiki.
Warm Regards,


The Great Barrier Island wiki on Wikis can be found @ http://gbwikiideas.wikispaces.com/