Planning and Review Audio Conference 12/11/09
Present: Tessa, Indira, Patsy, Colin
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Planning and Review Meeting 5/11/09
Present: Indira, Fleur, Denise, Colin, Brian, Patsy, Lyn, Jean
The purpose of this meeting was to undertake the 2009 cluster review survey and to talk about any issues it was felt were not covered by the survey.
Collated Surveys:

Survey Originals:

Planning and Review Meeting Minutes 3/09/09
Present: Patsy, Lyn, Sue, Indira (taking minutes), Colin
The purpose of this meeting was to review the 2009 cluster goals and determine goals for 2010.

1. Review Programme Outline of 2009
Goal 1:
  • Use of ICT to explore new curriculum –keep
  • New goal: Use ICT to inform our evaluation of the National Standards in the context of Great Barrier Island –discussion about pooling our individual school’s data in regards to Nat. Standards. Patsy suggests BBQ for casual discussion around this.
  • Success criteria to include Principles and possibilities
  • New Goal about infrastructure supporting curriculum delivery –success indicator investigate onisland expertise
Goal 2:
  • Patsy asks about easttle goal –was it our idea or were we advised to include it? Indira says we were advised but at the time it seemed O.K , she didn’t know much about it, but that given her increased knowledge it’s probably not relevant anymore. Sue talks about using ICTs for formative assessment (not easttle), eg: videoing reflective discussion
  • Change: Use relevant technology to enhance formative assessment (no easttle references)
  • Change: Use of ICT to access resources and meet specific needs of students –remove learning languages and careers education mentions
Goal 3:
  • Change: Continue to develop and work collaboratively through a blended approach
  • Change: Access teaching and learning networks beyond geographical boundaries
  • remove indicator number 2 (Okiwi school reference)
  • Be specific about use of Access It –database resource –separate indicator
  • Wiki indicator seperate
  • Remove goal 3 (incorporated into goal 2)
Goal 4:
  • Look at cluster vision, see if it’s still relevant (connected stuff on wiki frontpage)
  • Keep goal
Goal 5:
  • Remove specific references to Correspondence School: GBI students and their families…..

2. Discuss Programme outline for 2010
(see above) Sue says variation and outline should/could be same thing

3. Discuss program implementation
  • Link up schools using Access It -yes
  • Learning@School / Ulearn / He Waka Noa –do we want to go?
Colin, Patsy, Indira keen on Ulearn.
Patsy asks what changed as a result of attending that conference-Indira says within her school great changes in Fleur’s classroom practice, supported with her, not so obvious at Kaitoke school? Colin talks about it opening their eyes up to the potential, making connections with people. Patsy suggests we have a follow-up teacher only day to discuss, share what we see. Tuesday after Labour weekend or Friday before?

  • ICT Intensives
Lyn enjoyed it, kids enjoyed them, possibilities explored after the weeks themselves, lots of possibilities back in the classroom. Colin’s kids using animation. Patsy talks about it being more reciprocal, Colin says it would be cool to have kids go away and then come back and share. Something more integrated?
  • In-school support
Discussion about technical support –Indira to help do an audit? Indira to do in school support. Using calendar and emailing changes.
  • Courses off-island
Leave potential for that? Patsy more interested in visiting schools.
  • Visits to schools
Possibly around Inquiry? Teaching as Inquiry? Viscount? Kristin?
  • Expert visits
Technical support a priority. Maybe in the wider context of things.
  • Shared staff meetings
Within a relevant context. Inquiry?
  • Wiki
Calendar, use it as a place to put stuff, follow-up with it from intensives
  • Resources
Left in, need for resources grows as use grows
  • G & T weekly group?
Follow up from intensive? Way of targeting kids who are really into it?

4. Term 4 2009
  • Shared staff meetings x 2: One to share Inquiry stuff, one to review
Rigorous review, what we did, expectations, how did we do it? What did we get? What did we do to manage ourselves? What changed in practice? Evidence?
Review meeting –Thursday 5th for all staff, BBQ

  • ICT Intensive November 2 – 6th: 2 days years 3 + 4, 2 days gifted & talented

5. Any other discussion