Strategic Planning:

Brainstorm 8/5/09
Colin, Jenny, Sue, Indira
  • National goals, cluster goals and school goals -pulling stuff out for our schools (appraisal etc)
  • Goals related to pedagogy and hardware/software, infastructure
  • For example: National Goal: Implement new curriculum, Cluster Goal: Use ICT to explore implementation of New Curriculum, School Goal: Install Artrage on all computers, integrate Thinkers Keys accross the curriculum
  • Cluster Goal: Teachers have knowledge about the Key Competencies...translates into strategic planning as Teachers develop professional knowledge about Thinking and Teachers integrate knowledge into classroom planning
  • Custer Goal: Development of shared professional library -already underway with Thinkers Keys and Inquiry stuff on wiki
  • These then translate into appraisal - Jenny does 2 local goals on school focus (ie: Thinking) and one personal professional goal, Colin also has 3 goals, says outcomes are usually much richer than the goals originally set
  • Sue visually specifies national Goals, Cluster Goals, School Goals, related school goal components (appraisal, infastructure, PD etc)
  • Infastructure objectives might be - Install Artrage and Audacity on all computers (free software), purchase headphones and microphones
  • Sharing skills across the cluster. We have heaps of expertise here and great people with lots of potential in each school
  • Ideas for ICT-related use in the classroom -reluctant writers making animations before writing, recording voice, being able to delete work and try again, opportunities for developing confidence on their own with reading before having to do it in front of an audience, kids can be independent and metacognitive
  • Online mindmapping -links on wiki. Joint mindmap for kids around What helps us to learn? for teachers What helps me teach?
  • This kind of mindmapping could be part of appraisal, new stuff needs to replace old stuff NOT be an add-on
  • Weblogs work in chronological order, one person makes content and others comment on a weblog. With wiki everyone contributes
  • Using blogs in the classroom to stimulate thinking and writing, also for home-school partnerships. Used in Palmerston North project CreateIT to train parents to ask questions about the kids learning
  • On Island possibilities for blogs/wikis for transient kids who only come to Barrier for summer etc, contact with family off-island, reaching a wider audience, learning outside of 9 to 3 inside school
  • Sue working with the Coro Units -big launch event? ICT intensive involving families, free lunch etc Barrier Bulletin. Utilize existence of the computers to inspire attendance, explore vocational possibilities
  • Ideas for later in the year -Teachers have PD on their own, Indira take kids and Sue takes teachers maybe on first day of next intensive, we come together on second day
  • Important to define for ourselves as a cluster and individual schools what quality teaching and learning is, how recent research fits with us not us getting squashed into a national template model
  • CORE are a third party, employed by the MOE to oversee ICT contract